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FEL Avionics Ltd

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The directors, management & staff of FEL are totally committed to defined quality systems, & the Companies quality manual contains all the key elements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The organisations aim is to provide the Customer with quality products & the highest standard of service, prime concern is performance criteria whether to ISO9001-2008, Mil-spec or European Standards.

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  • UK DEFENCE STANDARDS (Defence Standardisation)
  • U.S MIL-SPEC (Qualified products. (QPL) Certified by DSCC)
  • U.S Federal Specifications/Standards
  • British Standards (BS)
  • CECC (European Electronic Component Standards).


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Even the most experienced procurement executives admit that with the contraction of defence based industries worldwide, the acquisition & absorption of manufacturing outlets into impersonal conglomerates with the resulting loss of expertise & records & the ever present problem of product obsolescence, locating & securing a source for support spares becomes increasingly difficult, involving a large investment in time & manpower resources. FEL’s unique focus on that market sector & it’s relationships with the defense contractors community ensures that the customer will receive continued support, expertise & satisfaction.

A major factor contributing to FEL’s ability to deliver it’s service, is it’s extensive range of support spares held in stock, over 90,000 individual items being carried as standard.

FEL has a vast & diverse product capability, which allows the company to fulfill most needs, this capability ranges from resistors & capacitors to power components, from board level products to microwave components, from crystal products to switches, from connectors to inductors and much, much more. Within the last 5 years, FEL has focused on ex Plessey (Siemens Plessey/Thomson.


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FEL is an approved supplier to the U.K Ministry Of Defence, under registration numbers 2JSF01 as a company of assessed capability

FEL also operated under the NSCM vendor/cage code: U9259 Preservation, packing & distribution of spare replacement parts is in accordance with DEFSTAN 81-41 part 1

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Supplier to the following OEM’s

  • BAE Systems (Formally GEC-Marconi Defence Systems)
  • Thales ATM
  • Airsys (Thomson Siemens Air Traffic Control Management)
  • ICAO: (International Civil Aviation Organisation).
  • Selex UK

FEL also provides a direct extensive service to a number of overseas Government Procurement/Agencies or Purchasing Offices in London or the In-Country Organisations.
We have many representatives throughout the world, for a full list of details,


Spare Support – Specific Platforms

  • Ground – Naval – Airbourne Multi-Channel Communications.
  • Navigation & Identification Systems.
  • Defensive Aids & Weapons Electronics.
  • Naval & Ground based Radar Systems.
  • Aircraft Spares: Rotables & Consumables.
  • Marine Equipment.
  • Oli and Gas Equipment.

Part Numbering System

FEL have a comprehensive data system which records the Nato codified number, the OEM drawing number, the generic or manufacturers part number & the appropriate specifications & allows the company to identify & supply most NSN’s vendor copies & manufacturers part numbers.
The federals stock class lists & country sequence codes most common to FEL are:



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316, Akti Themistokleous Piraeus 185 39 Greece

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Tel: +302 104532134

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Fax: +302 104517128

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Contact: Mr Panos Vlachinos -General Manager


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Las Hiedras 979 Concon,Región Valparaiso,Chile.

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Tel: 56-9-98749132 , 56-32-3181839, 56-32-2858231

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Fax: 56-32-2858231

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Contact: Mr Leandro Mellado Bravo ,Electronic Engineer


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Glamco Aviation PTE Ltd
35. Tannery Block
Ruby Industrial Complex

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Glamco Aviation PTE Ltd
35. Tannery Block
Ruby Industrial Complex

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Tel: 00 65 6749 1077

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Fax: 00 65 6741 1010

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Contact: Mr James Chia - General Manager


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Seri Aero Jaya Sdn BHD
22A Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Tel: 00 60 3 77282208

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Fax: 00 60 3 77272363

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Contact: Mr Zubir Ismail - Company Director or Mr. Mohd Baba - Marketing Manager)


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Proteco Coasin Ltda
Casilla 17-03-228A
12 Octobre Orellana

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Tel: 00 593 22 280283

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Fax: 00 593 22 561980

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Contact: Mr Ben Dod - Director

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FEL Avionics Limited
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Tel: 44 (0) 1489 589154

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